Research Resources in Critical Theory


Although in the past critical theory has been associated with Europe and European emigrees, in recent decades it has come to stand for a wide range of writings and practices that seek to understand and transform the historical conditions under which we live.

In addition to a rich European archive of critical theoretical work, the listings here offer students and researchers a way to track the travels of critical theory in different parts of the world and to understand the forms of critical theory that emerge from the Global South, especially Latin America.

Critical theory has been since its beginnings an interdisciplinary and collaborative form of thinking and writing that brings together history, sociology, psychoanalysis, philosophy, literary criticism, political theory, and aesthetics as well as feminist, queer, indigenous, and Black studies.

The resources presented here are meant to encourage trans-disciplinary and trans-regional collaboration, challenging students and scholars to move beyond their local framework to understand the global form and reach of critical theory today.