The Critical Theory Archive at UC Irvine


The Critical Theory Archive holds the scholarly archives of major figures who have worked in the fields included under the loosely defined rubric of "critical theory." The existence of this collecting area recognizes the key role that scholars at UC Irvine have played in the development of the field since the 1970s and the significance of Critical Theory in UCI's academic programs.

We strive to represent the diverse, international nature of critical theory today. This means looking beyond Europe and North America to the world. We have expanded the scope of collecting to include the work of scholars and organizations that reflect critical theory’s impact on the genesis and expansion of sociopolitical and cultural critique.

We are seeking the archives of prominent critical theorists, especially those who have achieved international recognition in their field. We welcome collections of materials documenting the history and impact of critical theory at UC Irvine, including the papers of scholars who have taught or lectured on campus such as Wellek lecturers. We also collect monographs authored by those critical theorists whose papers we hold. Rare books and ephemera related to the impact and influences of major critical theorists are occasionally collected.

We are expanding the following collecting areas:

postcolonial studies
feminist theory
gender studies and queer theory
ethnic studies
cultural studies
ecocritical theory

Historical focus areas of the collection include: 

critical theory and Marxism
literary theory
reader-response criticism