As an online resource for a global critical theory, this research site becomes a centralized access point for cutting edge research, one where researchers can track archival collections and build their knowledge of the multiple primary sources associated with the field, both inside and beyond the humanities discipline. It appeals to international critical theory scholars by developing a suite of web-based resources making critical theory research easier to discover and share. 

Recognizing the historical and scholarly significance of the UC Irvine Critical Theory Archive, Professor Judith Butler invited the UC Irvine Libraries to enhance the CTA website to support the development of content reflecting contemporary global directions in the field and serving as a research site to direct visitors to resources. 

These features bolster the international scope of critical theory by developing a multi-faceted database capable of responding to the increasing reliance on new media - such as digitally recorded presentations, and multi-modal projects - by critical theory scholars and students to create and disseminate their research. Furthermore, these features facilitate the creation of a robust directory of archival collections with individual, thematic, and institutional holdings related to critical theory.